Measurements and Abbreviations

grams –Gramm
milligrams – Milligramm
kilo – Kilo
litre – Liter
millilitre – Milliliter
decilitre – Deziliter
cup – Tasse
tablespoon – Esslöffel
teaspoon – Teelöffel
a pinch of – eine Prise/ Messerspitze
pound – Pfund
ounce – Unze
degree – Grad

g – gram
mg – milligram
kg – kilogram
l – litre
ml – millilitre
tbsp./ T. – tablespoon
tsp./ t. – teaspoon
lb. – pound
oz. – ounce
°C – degrees Celsius
°F – degrees Fahrenheit

g – Gramm
mg – Milligramm
kg – Kilogramm
l – Liter
ml – Milliliter
EL – Esslöffel
TL – Teelöffel
lb. – Pfund
oz. – Unze
°C – Grad Celsius
°F – Grad Fahrenheit

Conversion of measurements
1 kg = 1000 g
1 g = 1000 mg
1 l = 1000 ml
1 dl = 100 ml
1 lb. = ca. 500 g
1 lb. = 0.5 kg
1 oz. = ca. 30 g
o°C = 32°F
0°F = -17.8°C

For more measurement conversions, e.g. tbsp. into g, look here!
You also find a chart for the conversion of °C to °F!


In Germany we basically have one type of flour, we use for baking and cooking. Of course, we also have other flour, e.g. type 550,  and then we have spelt, rye, wholemeal flour, etc. But if you buy normal wheat flour you cannot do much wrong.

In England and America you have cake flour, all-purpose flour, self-rising flour and bread flour. So what is the difference? As the name implies, all-purpose flour can be used for almost all kinds of cooking and baking. Self-rising flour already contains baking powder and salt, so you should only use it when the recipe demands it! This website gives you a recipe for creating your own self-rising flour: for 1 cup all-purpose flour add 1 tsp. of baking powder 1/4 tsp. of salt.

Basically, you can use bread flour for bread and cake flour for cakes and pastry. More information you find here and here!



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