Fruity Friday

It’s Fruity Friday and we make Smoothies! Smoothie is derived from the English word “smooth” (German: glatt, gleichmäßig, sämig). It is a drink out of whole fruits, so it mainly consists of fruit purèe. The Smoothie originates in the USA and became in the 1960s a trendy drink for fans of healthy nutrition and vegetarians. But nowadays Smoothies are everywhere and also on Recipes in April! 😉 Here is my recipe for a Raspberry-Banana Smoothie!



This is what you need:smoothie 004

1 ripe banana
Raspberries (fresh or frozen)

Purèe some raspberries and the peeled banana. Add some milk. You do not need to sweeten the smoothie, but if you like it very sweet, you could add vanilla sugar. Actually, I wanted to make the raspberry-banana smoothies with fresh peaches. In the summer you might like to try this variety!


1 reife Banana
Himbeeren (Frisch oder tiefgekühlt)

Püriere einige Himbeeren und die gepellte Banane. Gebe etwas Milch hinzu. Der Smoothie muss nicht unbedingt gesüßt werden. Wenn du es süß magst, füge etwas Vanillezucker hinzu. Eigentlich wollte ich einen Himbeer-Bananen Smoothie mit frischem Pfirsich machen. Das ist dann vielleicht eine schöne Variante für den Sommer!

If you want to read more about smoothies or find other recipes, visit this site!

The perfect drink for a hot spring day like today. It was really terrific weather. Hope it stays this way! 🙂


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