International Thursday – Netherlands

Goedendag! Our last International Thursday in April is about the Netherlands! My best friend Flo is Dutch and will help me giving you a little introduction to our neighbouring country! We will make Poffertjes, little pancakes, learn some Dutch phrases and list you some songs you might like to listen to! Daar gaan we (Let’s go)! 🙂





Here is what you need:poffertjes, suppe 003

100 g of flour
A pinch of salt
30 g of sugar
½ package of dried yeast
1 egg
150 ml milk
Icing sugar

Put the flour, salt, yeast, sugar and egg into a mixing bowl. Warm the milk. Start mixing the ingredients and add the milk little by little. Now cover the bowl and prove the dough for 1 hour! First, the dough is quite liquid, but after proving it becomes glutinious and fluffy. Now take a poffertjes-pan or a normal pan. Grease it and put little portions of dough into the pan!


Das deutsche Originalrezept findest du hier!

poffertjes, suppe 004poffertjes, suppe 005poffertjes, suppe 006poffertjes, suppe 007 20140424_223433


A little language guide:

  • Hallo! – Hello!
  • Proost!/ Eet smakelijk – Cheers!
  • Hoe gaat het? – How are you?
  • Goed. – Good.
  • Slecht. – Bad.
  • Smakelijk eten! – Enjoy your meal!

Here are some songs for you to get into the Dutch feeling! 😉 The first one is funny, the second is a lovely song about the way of life in the Netherlands and the third one is very famous! Thank you, Flo, for all your help! Dank je wel, Flo-di! 😉

  • Yoep van’t hek – Flappie
  • 15 Miljoen Mensen
  • Hermes House Band – I will survive

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