Very English

Today is St. George’s Day. St. George is the patron of England and also England’s flag shows the St. George’s cross. St. George is believed to be one of the earliest Christian martyrs, who died in defence of his belief in Christianity. He is also known as dragon-slaying and maiden-saving-hero. Already in 1222, the 23 April was declared St. George’s Day. But he became the patron of England only in 1348. Everything English is celebrated on the 23 April, so today I will have a very English tea time!
The origins of English afternoon tea are believed to be in the 19th century. Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, could not wait until the late 9 pm dinner and ordered tea, bread and butter and cakes in the afternoon. This was thought to be an excellent idea and became English tradition.
Afternoon tea is usually served between 3 and 5 pm. It usually starts with sandwiches, is followed by scones with butter and jam and then cake. Because we had so much cake in the last days, I leave that out. But today we will make cucumber sandwiches and scones! Enjoy your tea time! 😉



Here is what you need: english 013
For the Cucumber Sandwiches…

White bread
Pepper, salt

Slice the bread, peel the cucumber and slice it, too. Now butter the bread, put cucumber slices on it, season with salt and pepper and put another buttered slice of bread onto it. Cut the crust and cut the sandwich into neat pieces, for example, triangles.



Pfeffer, Salz

Schneide das Brot in Scheiben, schäle die Gurke und schneide auch diese in dünne Scheiben. Nun beschmiere die Brotscheiben mit Butter, lege Gurke auf eine Scheibe, würze mit Pfeffer und Salz und lege eine andere gebutterte Scheibe auf diese Scheibe. Schneide die Brotrinde ab und die Sandwiches in ordentliche Stücke, zum Beispiel, Dreiecke.

english 016 20140423_100110 20140423_100059


For the scones…english 009

Baking powder
1 egg

You find the recipe here!


2 Tassen Mehl
½ TL Salz
2 ½ TL Backpulver
¼ Tasse Zucker
1/3 Tasse Fett
½ Tasse Sultaninen/ Rosinen
1 Ei
1/3 Tasse Milch

Füge das Mehl, Salz, Zucker, und Backpulver in eine Rührschüssel. Vermixe die Zutaten mit dem Fett. Gebe die Sultaninen hinzu. Mixe das Ei in einer anderen Schüssel und gebe es zusammen mit der Milch zu den trockenen Zutaten. Rühre noch einmal. Forme nun die Scones und stecke sie bei 180-200°C in den Backofen. Serviere sie mit Butter und Marmelade!

20140423_100118 20140423_100852 20140423_100335 20140423_100151


Read more about St. George here and here!
Find out about the perfect cucumber sandwich here!
Read more about Afternoon tea and find great recipes for it here!

english 024

By the way, today is also day of the book, day of German beer and the day of Shakespeare’s death!
But for the English spirit, hear Jerusalem, typically sung on St. George’s Day.

  • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: Jerusalem

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