Easter Sheep… baa…

Happy Easter!!! At our spring market in my idyllic home town Dannenberg, I saw the sweetest sheep muffins. Then I looked for a recipe and found one here. So today I share with you a recipe for the loveliest Easter sheep!



This is what you need:Pauls Geburtstag und schafe 039

For the dough…
195 g of flour
75 g of cocoa powder
1 teaspoon of baking powder/ sodium carbonate
110 g of very soft butter
190 g of sugar
2 eggs
360 ml of buttermilk

Give the sugar and the butter into a mixing bowl and mix it. Add the eggs and mix again until it is fluffy. Now add the buttermilk and fold in the flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder. Put paper cups into the muffin cups of your baking tray and fill them with dough. Put them in the oven (ca 180°C, 20-22 minutes).

For the topping…
Mini marshmallows
Icing sugar
2 cups of cream
200 g of cream cheese
2 drops of vanilla essence
100 g of sugar

We start with the sheep heads. Knead the marzipan with icing sugar until it is not sticky anymore. Then form little pear-like heads and add two little sausage-like ears at the side. Take a toothpick and make little nostrils and find something for the eyes and hair if you like. We used blue sugar pearls for cake decoration for the eyes and some chocolate decoration for the hair.

Now for the cream you firstly beat the cream until it is very stiff. Then put it back into the fridge. Take another bowl and mix the sugar, cream cheese and vanilla essence until it is creamy. Now fold in the cheese cream into the cream. Put it into a piping bag and squirt it onto the cold muffins so that they get a round form.

Put the sheep head on the cream and cut the little marshmallows into two halfs. Now place the cut marshmallows onto the sheep as wool.


Für das deutsche Rezept, siehe hier (Originalrezept)

Pauls Geburtstag und schafe 041 Pauls Geburtstag und schafe 044Pauls Geburtstag und schafe 046Pauls Geburtstag und schafe 043Pauls Geburtstag und schafe 051Pauls Geburtstag und schafe 049

I hope you all had a very nice Easter Sunday, enjoyed the sun and spend the day with your family and good food! I also hope your egg hunting was very successful! See you tomorrow with an idea what to do with the leftover eggs… 🙂


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