Fast Food Friday

It is Fast Food Friday, what in this case does not mean I give you a list of my favourite fast food restaurants, but instead a lovely recipe for days when you do not fancy cooking or simply have no time! I suggest making sandwiches! In the 60s American soldiers lived at my grandparents’ house so my father grew up with them and some  traditions have survived from that time. For example, our love for peanut butter and the recipe for sandwiches! 🙂

Sandwiches 005



This is what you need: Sandwiches 001

Fresh white bread
Tartar sauce
Iceberg lettuce
Ham/ Salami
Pickled gherkins

First cut the bread into slices. You should use fresh white bread that you either bake yourself or buy at a good baker’s shop. Now take two slices. On the first one you put Mayonnaise and the second one tartar sauce. On the mayonnaise slice you now put a slab of cheese, sliced tomatoes and onion. On the slice with tartar sauce you put lettuce, a slab of ham and a sliced gherkin. Now you can put the two sides of the sandwich together and … voilà!
You can also vary the ingredients. For example, I am not a great fan of ham, cheese, tomatoes and onions, so I always make a smaller version of the sandwich and use salami instead of ham. But it tastes delicious, too!


Frisches Weißbrot
Kochschinken/ Salami

Als erstes schneide das Weißbrot in Scheiben. Achte darauf frisches Brot zu verwenden, entweder selbstgebacken oder von einem guten Bäcker. Jetzt lege zwei Scheiben auf einen Teller. Die erste Scheibe bestreichst du mit Mayonnaise und die zweite mit Remoulade. Auf die Scheibe mit Mayonnaise legst du nun eine Scheibe Käse, in Scheiben geschnittene Tomaten und Zwiebeln. Auf die Remoulade kommt ein Blatt Salat, eine Scheibe Kochschinken und in Scheiben geschnittene Gewürzgurken. Nun klappe beide Hälften zusammen und … voilà!
Natürlich kannst du die Zutaten variieren. Ich, zum Beispiel, bin kein großer Fan von Kochschinken, Käse, rohen Tomaten und Zwiebeln, sodass ich mir immer die abgespeckte Version mit Salami anstatt Kochschinken zaubere. Schmeckt trotzdem fantastisch!


Sandwiches 003


By the way, did you know that the word sandwich is derived from an English earl? Allegedly, the Earl of Sandwich was a passionate gambler. He wanted to eat while playing cards and ordered his meal between two slices of bread. In this way he was able to hold his meal in one hand and his cards in the other. His fellow gamblers were delighted by this idea and ordered “the same like Sandwich” 😉
For more information look here and here!


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