International Thursday – Russia

Privet! (Russian for Hello!)

It’s International Thursday!!! Every Thursday in April I want to try a recipe from another country and we start with Russia. Especially in Bielefeld I met a lot of people from Russia and I really started liking them and their culture! So I thought I give you a little introduction. We will try a recipe, learn some Russian phrases and I give you some music tips 😉

We will make Pelmeni, Russian dumplings filled with minced meat!

pelmeni 008



This is what you need: pelmeni ingredients 001

1/2 cup flour

1/4 cup cornflour

1 egg

herbs (parsley, chives etc)

250 g minced meat (pork and beef)

1 onion

salt, pepper, vegetable consommé


Take the flour, cornflour, egg and some water and knead it until you have a nice dough. Then roll out the dough until it is very thin. Now take a cup or glass and cut out circles. Then cut the onion into very little pieces and mix it in a bowl with minced meat, the herbs, salt and pepper. Now put some minced meat on one half of the dough circles and pull the other half of the dough circle over the minced meat. Press the edges, so that the pelmeni do not open when they are boiled, and pull the ends together so that they get the typical tortellini-form. Now put them in boiling water(with vegetable consommé) until they come to the surface and keep them in the water for another minute. You find the original recipe here!


1/2 Tasse Mehl

1/4 Tasse Stärkemehl

1 Ei

Kräuter (Petersilie, Schnittlauch etc.)

1 Zwiebel

Salz, Pfeffer, Gemüsebrühe

Stelle aus dem Mehl, Stärkemehl, Ei und etwas Wasser einen Knetteig her. Rolle den Teig aus bis er möglichst dünn ist. Nun steche mit einem Glas oder einer Tasse Kreise aus. Zerhacke die Zwiebel möglichst klein und vermische sie mit dem Hack. Das Hack wird nun mit Salz und Pfeffer gewürzt. Auf die eine Hälfte der Kreise lege nun etwas Hack und klappe die andere Seite darüber. Nun drücke die Ränder fest und ziehe die zwei Enden zusammen, sodass die typische Tortellini-Form entsteht. Nun koche die Pelmeni in Wasser (mit Gemüsebrühe) bis sie an die Oberfläche kommen und lasse sie dann noch eine Minute ziehen.

pelmeni 001 pelmeni 002 pelmeni 004 pelmeni 006




A little phrase book:

приве́т  –> privet –> Hello!

дава́й! –> dawai –> Cheers!

как дела́? –> Kak dela? –> How are you?

хоро́шo –> charascho –> fine

пло́хо –> plocha –> bad

 прия́тного аппети́та ! –> priatnawa apetita –> Enjoy your meal!

Sorry I tried to translate it from Cyrillic into Latin letters but because I do not speak Russian it is probably not very good, sorry! I tried to link the pronunciation when it was not too different from what I learned in my Russian for beginners course 😉


I love Russian music. My former flat mate listened to it all the time so I know many songs, can sing the melody, but do not know the lyrics. Now a party without Russian music  is not a party for me! For copyright reasons I cannot link songs here, but I list you some  of my favourite songs and maybe you like to listen to them yourself! Maybe the pelmeni will taste better when made while listening to Russian music! 🙂

So my favourite Russian songs are:

  • Serebro- Mama Luba (“Go, mother Luba!”)
  • My favourite female singer is Byanka, she makes great R’n’B music. I especially like “Raga” and “A cho cho”
  • They even have their own Russian “Lady Gaga” 😀 : Olya Polyakowa. She is crazy, but really cool!
  • And my favourite Russian song at the moment is sung by two Russian soldiers: Ратмир Александров-Девчонка


So just to give you an idea and maybe you are as delighted as I am! Sometimes in Bielefeld I spent an evening surrounded by people who all have a Russian accent and I realized I started to get one too! And I can laugh the Russian way now: chra chra chra! 😀 Again, sorry for any misspelling!







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